The UK has embassy consulates located in many foreign countries. Each embassy consulate deals with a variety of political, commercial, economic, and security conditions and issues of particular interest to the UK and the respective country in which it is located.

The UK ambassador assigned to a particular embassy is responsible for directing the work of the embassy and its consulates. UK policies are presented to the particular government and citizens of the country in which the embassy is located. It is the ambassador’s job to in turn, report and explain that country’s policies, culture, and viewpoints back to the UK government in London. At all times, the ambassador must support UK interests abroad. The ambassador is the UK’s designated public relations and spokesperson responsible for press and cultural relations, and consular services. Although UK ambassadors are based in a strategic British Embassy, they are encouraged to travel throughout the foreign country exchanging political, cultural, economic, environmental, and humanitarian information, technology, and ideas. It is the intent of the ambassador and embassy existence to promote trade and investment between the particular country and the UK. Temporary residents visitors that are British nationals are afforded consular protection from civil unrest or threatening circumstances that may occur during their stay in the particular country foreign to the UK.

The British Embassies provide services and their website provides information about the British Embassies and High Commissions around the world. It gives information about British visa requirements and visa application forms for the UK. There is tourist and weather information, maps of the UK, and national holidays in the UK as well as telephone area codes.